• What the hell is Chicken Dragon?

    One day while in the process of moving, I found an old sketchbook from my high school art class. In it, I found page after page of crappy derivative work, dozens of pictures of musical instruments that I’d drawn from catalogs and a bunch of Simpsons’ quotes in badly inked calligraphy. Then I came across this sketch. I have no specific memory of drawing this. I don’t know what was going through my mind at the time, but I could tell it punctuated something, possibly the first time I attempted to do something original. This is the story of my life trying to replicate that moment. I am often concerned with events lost to memory because they say something more about us than the events we remember most vividly. I think the chicken dragon paradox appeals to me because of my life as a non-binary trans femme: it takes courage and thick skin to be a sissy. Perhaps conflicting words is all we have to explain who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Primarily though, I just think chickens are neat.

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Pedro Lemebel’s Manifesto – Performed by Me

I’m not Pasolini asking for explanations
I’m not Ginsberg expelled from Cuba
I’m not a queer disguised as a poet
I don’t need a disguise
Here is my face
I speak for my difference
I defend what I am


Translation – Manifesto By Pedro Lamebel

Manifesto (I Speak For My Difference) By Pedro Lemebel (with translation liberties by me) No soy Pasolini pidiendo explicaciones | I’m not Pasolini asking for explanations No soy Ginsberg expulsado de Cuba | I’m not Ginsberg expelled from Cuba No soy un marica disfrazado de poeta | I’m not a queer disguised as a poet … Continue reading

Receta Para Cuidarte a ti Mismo

Deja de tomar singani y toma un vaso de agua No comas las salchichas frías, hay agua caliente Cuando fue la última vez que compraste pan fresco Y deja de decir que la cocina es para las mujeres Te llamaría huevón, pero no sabes ni freír un huevo Y no tomes cerveza de desayuno, aquí … Continue reading

Old Portfolio

After returning to Portland and the pleasant surprise to have my work featured at the Shabby Dollhouse I thought I should upload older pieces on here.  

Visual Work Featured in Shabby Doll House

I am very happy to announce some of my visual work is currently featured on the online journal Shabby Doll House accompanied by a wonderful poem surrounding gender themes (which delights me). From the Shabby Doll House site: SHABBY DOLL HOUSE is an online publisher of various forms of art & literature, founded in 2012 … Continue reading

Motivational Tom Waits says…

Recruiter: Would you consider an on-call position?